Kill bedbugs on the go with travel-size Pronto Plus spray

LANGHORNE, Pa. Insight Pharmaceuticals on Thursday introduced a travel-friendly 3-oz. container of its Pronto Plus bedbug spray in time for the busy Thanksgiving holiday travel season. Pronto Plus kills bedbugs and their eggs on contact and is available at Walmart, Wegmans and Bed Bath & Beyond, Insight reported.


“We’ve seen an increase in sales of Pronto Plus spray due to the rise of bedbug infestations across the country,” stated Gary Downing, CEO of Insight Pharmaceuticals. “The decision to produce a 3-oz. size is a natural extension for the Pronto Plus brand because bedbugs are known to spread through travel.”



The National Pest Management Association has reported a 71% increase in bedbug reports from 2000 to 2005 and a rate of hotel infestations at 67% in 2010.


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