Kettle Foods joins 100-calorie pack wave

SALEM, Ore. Kettle Foods announced that, starting Jan. 1, its Kettle brand Bakes will be available in 100-calorie packs at retailers nationwide.

The chips, which are made with real potato slices and no artificial ingredients, cholesterol, MSG or trans fats, offer 65 percent less fat than regular potato chips. “With Kettle brand Bakes, snackers don’t have to compromise taste or calorie count when it comes to eating on the run,” said Michelle Peterman, vice president of marketing for Oregon-based Kettle Foods.

Demand for healthier, convenient snacking options has increased significantly in the past year as more Americans seek healthier alternatives for snacking on the go, according to a recent study by Report Buyer. Many major food companies have begun offering normally indulgent foods in portion-controlled sizes, including Oreo, Chips Ahoy and Wheat Thins. “Consumers see it as a good-faith attempt on the part of manufacturers and we’ve seen positive responses for a lot of those products,” said David Morris, senior market research analyst at Mintel International Group.

The single-serving Bakes bags offer about 18 chips per bag, and will retail for about $1.09-$1.39.

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