Kerr Drug launches Take Control of Your Diabetes program

Program includes social media, in-store and print ads, physician outreach

RALEIGH, N.C. — Kerr Drug is launching a new marketing program aimed at diabetes patients.

The regional pharmacy retailer announced the launch of "Take Control of Your Diabetes," which includes planograms, print advertisements, social media messaging, education programs, in-store point-of-purchase displays and physician outreach. The company said the program is designed to establish Kerr as a "home for everything customers with diabetes need."

"We are using 'Take Control' as a way to remove the barriers to diabetes care," Kerr Drug diabetes programs manager Debbie Hiller said. "Our pharmacists have been specially trained on proper injection techniques to improve adherence, Medicare billing requirements to fill testing supplies and nutritional guidelines to help patients make healthier choices. Take Control tells our customer we have the products, services, expertise, convenience and cost advantages to help them take control of their health."


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