Kerr Drug to implement Sharps Compliance's TakeAway Environmental Return System

RALEIGH, N.C. — Kerr Drug said that it will offer customers a solution to properly dispose of their unused or expired medications.

The pharmacy chain said that Sharps Compliance's TakeAway Environmental Return System envelopes will be available in all stores May 23. The envelopes sell for $3.99.

“Kerr Drug is making it easy for our customers to dispose of unwanted medicines, which prevents the possible misuse of these medications, as well as the contamination of North Carolina’s lakes and rivers, many of which are community water supplies,” Kerr Drug president and CEO Tony Civello said. “Kerr Drug is a community pharmacy, and that means finding the best way to serve the people in your community. We believe the TakeAway Environmental Return System provides a great service.”

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