Kerr Drug to extend free drug delivery program

Program first announced in September

RALEIGH, N.C. — Just a few months after launching its free delivery program, Kerr Drug on Monday said it will continue the service into the New Year.

The delivery program allows Kerr Drug customers to call their prescriptions in to the store pharmacist and request the prescription be delivered to their home or office and may add any other item from the store to their delivery list, which also can be delivered free of charge.

“Customers tell us they are too sick or housebound or simply too busy to get to the pharmacy counter to get their prescriptions, so we are glad to bring the pharmacy to them free of charge,” said Tony Civello, president and CEO of Kerr Drug. “Customers [also] have really responded to our offer to deliver additional items from the store,” Civello added. “The most requested items are over-the-counter medications, which provide our pharmacists an opportunity to advise patients on how to avoid interactions between their prescriptions and other medicines.”

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