Kellogg to temporarily revive Hydrox

NORTHFIELD, Ill. Kellogg’s long-beloved, now discontinued, chocolate cookie, Hydrox, will again be gracing retail shelves late this summer.

Hydrox was discontinued in 2003, giving in to sales of long-time rival cookie Oreo. But Kellogg said it will bring Hydrox back and it will be sold across the country for a limited time starting in August.

A spokesman from Kellogg told the press that the company has decided to initiate a temporary relaunch of Hydrox following an overwhelming customer response to the cookie’s discontinuation, including a petition launched by one Web site that collected more than 1,000 signatures requesting the return of the cookie.

The company has not promised the relaunched cookie will come from the original recipe. Kellogg has already made one change—the new cookie will be trans fat-free, the company has said.

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