Kellogg releases global corporate responsibility report

BATTLE CREEK, Mich. Kellogg Co. Wednesday released its first global Corporate Responsibility Report, offering a schematic of the company’s future plans, challenges and progress in the areas of community, environment, marketplace and workplace, reports said this week.

“Corporate responsibility has always been at the foundation of Kellogg Co. and a key part of our heritage and culture,” David Mackay, president and CEO of Kellogg Co. said in a statement. “More than a century after our founding, we remain a company consumers rely on to provide consistent, high-quality, great-tasting foods. Now more than ever, it's important to do so while minimizing environmental impacts and positively addressing global challenges. Our customers, consumers, investors, and other stakeholders expect it of us — and we expect it of ourselves.”

Kellogg Co. said that it based the standards for its global responsibility report on the Global Reporting InitiativeG3 Guidelines used to draw a grid for this type of reporting. Kellogg claims a level of B on the GRI-checked application.

The company has made a commitment to being more environmentally friendly and putting an emphasis on sustainable practices, reports said. For example, Kellogg has set a goal of reducing its energy usage, greenhouse gas emission output, water use and waste by 15% to 20% by 2015. The company is also placing a focus on more support for sustainable agriculture.

The entire report can be found at

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