Kellogg announces new snack varieties across numerous brands

BATTLE CREEK, Mich. — The Kellogg Company announced on Thursday numerous new snack options across the company's various brand groups, including Cheez-It, Kashi, Keebler, Special-K and more.

The Cheez-It brand is launching new Zingz crackers made with corn masa in two flavors: chipotle cheddar and queso fundido. The Pringles brand is introducing a new spicy variety as well — fiery sweet barbecue.

Town House is introducing new pita crackers. Pita crackers are traditionally hard, durable chips good for dipping because they do not tend to break easily. The new pita crackers will be available in Mediterranean herb and sea salt.

The Kashi brand is launching all-natural hummus chips made with a blend of chickpeas, whole grains, spices and herbs, providing 4g of fiber and 3g of protein. They are available in three varieties: sea salt & olive oil, caramelized onion and sundried tomato basil-feta. Kashi also introduced new berry/lemonade chewy granola bar provides protein, fiber, whole grains and features chia for ALA Omega 3s and sun-ripened cranberries and lemons.

Special K introduced a new chipotle lime flavor of its cracker chips. Each 27-chip serving has 110 calories.

New Keebler Simply Made cookies are baked with simple, recognizable ingredients, including wheat flour, butter, eggs, sugar and vanilla, reflecting the desire of some consumers for simpler foods. They will be available in two varieties: chocolate chip and butter.

Keebler is also debuting new cookies that reflect the importance of Hispanic consumers, the fastest growing ethnic group in the U.S. New Keebler El Duende ("The Elf") cookies will be available in coconut and lemon sandwich varieties.

Nutri-Grain expands its granola offerings with crunchy granola bars in chocolate chip and toffee flavors. Nutri-Grain is also adding new Strawberry Greek yogurt cereal bars.

These new foods arrive at retailers nationwide this summer.

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- 2:12 PM

Many people were expecting this new snack variety, including me, but I try to avoid them as much as I can. I am more for the healthy food and therefore I've even bought a soft serve machine so I can make my own desert varieties!

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