Keeping kids moving with GeoPalz

NEW YORK — A line of kid-friendly pedometers is expanding to include two new water-resistant products.

Designed to motivate physical activity among children, GeoPalz are pedometers that can measure speed and distance of activity and store up to 21 days of data. Each pedometer flips open to reveal how much activity is exerted via the digital tracking display. The mode can be changed to toggle between displaying the steps or the time of day. Each GeoPalz product features kid-friendly designs.

New to the GeoPalz lineup are water-resistant pedometers that can be worn around the wrist or around one's shoelaces. The original GeoPalz product, the company said, is worn around the waistband.

"With the heightened importance of children's fitness, we wanted to supply children with even more motivation to be active," said Rich Schmelzer, CEO of GeoPalz. "These new pedometers give kids additional ways to wear their GeoPalz, letting them further express their personalities while having fun and being active."

The new GeoPalz wrist and foot pedometers retail for $24.99, while the original GeoPalz activity tracker for kids retails for $19.99. Additional GeoPalz products, including an optional slap-style bracelet and digital reader for the wireless pedometers retail for $9.99 and $24.99, respectively. GeoPalz products are available in more than 250 retailers nationwide, and on the GeoPalz website.

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