Keenan rolls out new pharmacy discount card program

TORRANCE, Calif. An insurance brokerage and consulting firm in California has introduced a new pharmacy discount card program, designed to help a wide range of individuals take advantage of significant discounts offered by pharmacy benefit companies.

Keenan said the program, Keenan Saver Rx, is a free service available to part-time employees; friends and family members who are uninsured or underinsured; retirees who have reached the Medicare "doughnut hole;" and individuals with pharmacy benefits when purchasing any noncovered pharmaceuticals.

For organizations participating in the Keenan Saver Rx program, there are several important advantages:

  • No eligibility requirements and no barriers to entry
  • No cost to the card holder to obtain the card or benefit from the discount
  • Cardholder always pays lowest of available discounts
  • Acceptance nationwide at 58,000 pharmacies, including major chains
  • Best prices for the top 20 drugs in the industry
  • Dedicated, 24/7, toll-free number for customer service

"We are continually looking for programs that provide innovative benefit solutions and significant value for our clients and their employees," said Henry Loubet, chief strategy officer of Keenan. "Many organizations need flexibility and options for meeting the needs of various employee groups. Keenan Saver Rx offers a way for these organizations to provide an important pharmacy discount benefit to individuals who might not otherwise have access to such a program."

Additionally, Keenan has chosen Envision Rx Options, a pharmacy benefits management company that leads the industry with pharmacy discount card programs, as the administrator of Keenan Saver Rx.

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