Kathy Ireland helps launch stem-cell derived beauty line

LOS ANGELES — Kathy Ireland, CEO and chief designer of Kathy Ireland Worldwide and women’s health advocate, is collaborating with board-certified surgeon Dr. David Scharp in bringing to the beauty market a stem cell-derived product brand called Stemáge.

They note that the unique aspect of the natural skin rejuvenation system is that it targets visible signs of aging through the proprietary use of human Mesenchymal stem cell derivatives, not stem cells but rather active ingredients or derivatives of which stem cells are comprised.

It is a first venture into the science of stem cells for Ireland. Her firm designs and markets more than 15,000 individual products throughout the world.

Available as a three-step skin rejuvenation system, Stemáge’s core active ingredient is a proprietary stem cell derivative called MDFc19, or Mesenchymal Derived Factor Complex 19. All of the ingredients found in Stemáge are either naturally sourced from botanicals and minerals or naturally produced biologically.

"Skin care is one of my passions. My work and my life were impacted by troubled skin. Stemáge is new, powerful and extraordinary. Expect to feel and see something different. Our relationship with the researchers and executive team at Stemáge is responsible for a strategic alliance between our two companies. Stem cells are the next phase of health and personal care. My skin feels healthier, trouble-free and finally, I'm able to wear less makeup. I love Stemáge. I believe you will too," stated Ireland, a “supermodel-turned-supermogul,” as described by Forbes magazine in a cover story.

The three-step system is comprised of:

  • Nano Cleansing Gel with Nanosilver;
  • Cellular Therapy Sérum; and
  • Cellular Therapy Fluide.

The Stemáge collection includes additional products, such as:

  • Cellular Therapy Eye Crème;
  • Cellular Therapy Ultra-Hydratant Anti-Aging Concentrate Cellular Therapy Lip Sérum; and
  • Cellular Therapy Whole Body Crème.


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