Kao introduces three Curel products for aging

CINCINNATI Kao Brands has announced the launch of its new Life’s Stages collection from Curel Skincare, the first and only line of moisturizers designed to help women address the changing needs of their skin.

The new collection includes Curel nurturing comfort Moisture Cream for pregnancy and motherhood. The product helps improve skin’s elasticity and alleviates dryness throughout pregnancy and beyond. The paraben-free and mineral oil-free formula promises to increase elasticity 70 percent better than the leading pregnancy cream, according to the company.

To help women battle the first signs of aging there’s the new Curel youth-defense Moisture Lotion. Via a blend of skin hydrators, vitamins C and E and collagen, the formula is designed to replenish essential building blocks found in naturally young, health skin and increases skin’s moisture level. It is clinically proven to provide healthier looking and feeling skin in one week.

There’s also Curel skin fortifying Moisture Lotion for menopause and beyond. During menopause, skin can become dry and itchy, lose elasticity and become fragile so the formula helps maintain skin’s elasticity.

The products are priced at $7.49 each.

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