JustAsk prepaid gift cards now available at Duane Reade

NEW ROCHELLE, N.Y. Duane Reade stores now are carrying JustAsk prepaid gift cards in time for the fall semester to provide college-aged kids with access to savings and resources through their own personal savings assistants.

JustAsk services include a host of such online resources as how-to videos, recipes, local news and events, local Yellow Pages and TV listings. There also is an "Ask a Question" search engine, which should come in very handy for college students away from home.

JustAsk prepaid gift cardsare a product of Concierge Direct International.

JustAsk prepaid gift cards come in two denominations -- $10 and $20. The $10 card entitles cardholders to four service requests while the $20 card provides one full month of unlimited service requests upon activation. No subscription is required.

According to JustAsk, 93% of customers save more than the cost of their prepaid cards after two service requests. JustAsk personal savings assistants also can save students time and effort and they're available 24/7 by telephone, e-mail, online or smartphone.

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