Jones Soda expands distribution to Walmart

SEATTLE Jones Soda has inked a deal to distribute its beverage line in 3,800 Walmart stores.

Walmart officially authorized Jones Soda products on May 3rd and began rolling it out on shelves, with plans to have product in nearly all U.S. stores by the end of May. Under the authorization, Jones has been given three shelf facings for a custom assorted 6-pack of Jones pure cane soda. The 6-pack will include two bottles each of some of Jones’ most popular flavors – green apple, berry lemonade and cream soda – enabling fans and new consumers the opportunity to sample a variety of flavors at once.

“The primary complaint through our customer service feedback is that people can’t find Jones Soda near them,” said Jones CEO William Meissner. “The Walmart deal allows for another one of America’s premier retailers to offer Jones. Walmart greatly expands our distribution footprint and truly makes our product accessible to everyone, which is something the Jones Soda brand has always stood for. Now, almost anyone, anywhere in the U.S. can seek out a nearby store or stumble upon our product and purchase it on the spot. We are incredibly energized by the growth potential this Walmart expansion brings.”

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