Joint venture formed to promote healthy eating among corporate employees

SavingStar, Edenred partner to form NutriSavings

BOSTON — Digital coupon service SavingStar and employee benefits provider Edenred have started a joint venture to promote healthy eating among corporate employees, the companies said Friday.

The two announced the creation of NutriSavings, which they said would provide employees with more information about the nutritional quality of their grocery purchases and incentives for healthy products, such as e-coupons, thereby helping consumers make more informed buying decisions while shopping for food. The companies said select grocery retailers would partner with NutriSavings to help employees monitor and improve their household nutrition consumption.

"We have created an innovative solution in the fast-growing market for health-and-wellness solutions that encourages employees to consume a more balanced diet and contributes to efforts to reduce healthcare spending on chronic illnesses," Edenred USA managing director Gerard Bridi said.

According to a study last year by the National Business Group on Health, businesses in the United States are spending more money on programs to promote better nutrition and exercise, and nearly 90% have set up incentive programs today, spending an average of $520 per employee each year.

Under the program, employees who join NutriSavings set objectives with their companies to improve the nutritional quality of their food purchases and receive a score. They then receive incentives from employers and e-coupon savings on nutritionally balanced products, as well as access to educational materials.


- 4:14 AM
kayem says

This is good news for all the employees! Eating the right kinds of food will definitely help in preventing sickness. Health is more important than wealth we should know how to take care of our body because we only have one.

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