J&J recalls lots of Prezista amid odor reports

HIGH WYCOMBE, United Kingdom — A subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson is recalling several batches of an HIV drug after reports of a strange odor that may have come from the shipping pallets.

Janssen-Cilag International said it would recall five lots of Prezista (darunavir) due to consumer reports of a musty or moldy smell coming from them. The odor is believed to result from traces of the chemical TBA, which is used in the construction of the pallets. The recalled lots were found in Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany and Austria.

TBA, also called 2,4,6 tribromoanisole, is a chemical byproduct of preservatives used in shipping pallets. While the chemical is not toxic, many consider the smell offensive, and some patients have reported temporary gastrointestinal symptoms.

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