J&J introduces innovation to diabetes diagnostics and insulin delivery space

NEW YORK — During its annual business review Tuesday, Johnson & Johnson announced that the recent introduction of the OneTouch Verio Glucose testing platform represented one of the first diabetes care devices to alert and display high/low patterns that deliver more meaningful and actionable insights to help patients better understand and manage their diabetes.

Also, recently acquired Calibra Medical expanded the J&J's Global Medical Solutions portfolio of insulin delivery innovations with a unique "wearable" insulin patch, which when it is introduced, will make it easier for patients who need an easy-to-administer, meal-time dosing solution.

"Our [medical devices and diagnostics] business is the largest medical technology business in the world with sales of $27.4 billion, which grew 8.7% operationally," stated Alex Gorsky, J&J chairman and CEO. "We're building on our market leadership positions, having sustained or grown share in the majority of our key platforms, and hold No. 1 or No. 2 positions in over 80% of them today."

Medical devices and diagnostics accounted for about 41% of Johnson & Johnson's total sales in 2012.

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