Jennie Garth joins Alcon on promoting Eye Saw Good campaign

FORT WORTH, Texas — Actress Jennie Garth, known for her role on "Beverly Hills 90210," on Monday partnered with Alcon to launch the Eye Saw Good campaign, an initiative that highlights the important role that good eye health and clear vision play in a person's life. The campaign has been set up to inspire people to help provide good eye health and vision correction for children in need across the United States. The campaign is simple: see good, share good and make good happen.

For every picture of someone doing an act of kindness that's posted on Twitter with the hashtag #EyeSawGood, Alcon will donate $1, up to $50,000, to fund more than 1,000 eye exams and eyeglasses for children in need through the Kids Vision for Life program.

“We believe that every person should have access to quality vision care regardless of their economic circumstances,” stated Robert Warner, area president United States and Canada, Alcon. “The Eye Saw Good campaign allows others to join us in helping to provide access to healthy vision for children in underserved communities across the United States.”

At a recent visit with children who benefited from eye exams and eyeglasses provided by Kids Vision for Life, Garth witnessed the difference vision correction can make in the life of a child. “I met one young girl who was held back because she couldn’t read — no one realized her vision was the problem,” she said. “Hearing stories like this convinces me that the need to raise awareness of healthy vision, especially for children in need, is an important cause.”

“Children who can’t see well are more likely to disengage from learning and have trouble interacting with the world around them,” stated Stephen Shawler, with Kids Vision for Life. “One-in-4 school-aged children has a vision problem and of those, two-thirds are not receiving proper care. Initiatives like the Eye Saw Good campaign are invaluable in helping to raise awareness about these issues.”

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