Jelly Belly spreads the love

FAIRFIELD, Calif. — Jelly Belly Candy Co. will offer consumers a variety of treats for Valentine's Day, including the new Jelly Belly Tabasco Dark Chocolate Covered Jelly Beans.   

Jelly Belly's Tabasco-themed jelly bean features a center spiced with Tabasco-brand seasonings, which is topped off with dark chocolate. The beans are presented in a Tabasco bottle-shaped tray for an extra bit of flair. Other candies that will join the spicy bean include:

  • Sour Smoochi Lips: Cherry and Pink Lemonade lip-shaped gummi candies, complete with a sanding of sour sugar;
  • Jelly Belly Conversation Beans: A five-flavor Jelly Belly Sour Mix with fun phrases and words;
  • Jelly Bean Chocolate Dips: Jelly Belly jelly bean centers dipped in dark chocolate. Available in a five-flavor gift box or individual flavor bags;
  • Cupid Corn: This seasonal take on a classic staple dresses up the candy in white, pink and red, but still maintains the traditional candy corn flavor; and
  • Jelly Belly Valentine Mix: A collection of strawberry cheesecake, bubble gum, coconut, cotton candy and Very Cherry Jelly Belly jelly beans.



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