Jelly Belly Snapple Mix makes debut

FAIRFIELD, Calif. — Jelly Belly has introduced a new line of jelly beans inspired by Snapple beverages.

Jelly Belly Snapple Mix are made with natural ingredients, including real fruit juice, Snapple juice drink concentrates and fruit purees, and do not contain artificial coloring, Jelly Belly said. The product will be packaged in a 1.65-oz. bottle package that is modeled after the real Snapple Juice Drink bottles. In addition to the new 1.65-oz. Jelly Belly Snapple Bottle, Jelly Belly Snapple Mix also is available in a 3.1-oz. bag, a 6.5-oz. bag and 4.5-oz. box.

Jelly Belly Snapple Mix will be available in fruit punch, mango madness, cranberry raspberry, pink lemonade and kiwi strawberry flavors.


- 3:11 PM
candyinventor says

Very interesting article....Thank you. In 1976 with my last 800.00 the Jelly Belly Jelly Bean was created. A documentary Candyman:the David Klein Story is now streaming on Netflix. I am now back in the Jelly Bean business with our new product David's Signature Jelly Beans.

- 3:34 PM
Better Beans says

Funny how Jelly Belly decided to start using more natural ingredients, (or at least try to give that perception). What many people don't know yet is The Jelly Belly Company is being instigated by the Feds for price fixing and 'locking out' other competitors from the marketplace. The new term for them is, "Jelly Bully".

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