Jelly Belly shares playful Easter analysis

FAIRFIELD, Calif. — In the spirit of the upcoming Easter holiday, Jelly Belly Candy Co. posed the following question to consumers: What does your favorite Easter candy say about you?


With 116 years of experience under its belt and countless flavors, the company knows a thing or two about candy and consumers. Here's what the company shared:

  • Traditional Pectin Jelly Beans: Some of your fondest memories are family gatherings and large Easter egg hunts at grandma’s house in fluffy pastel dresses and pint-size three-piece suits, the company said. This consumer may long for the memories of years past, but they embrace the here and now.
  • Jelly Belly Spring Mix: A fondness for the company's colorful mix of signature Jelly Belly jelly beans reflects a bright and joyful personality.
  • Bunny Corn: Secretly this person couldn't care less that it’s spring, the company said. They'd rather it be Halloween, where Candy Corn gets a chance to shine.
  • Sour Bunnies: This candy evokes child-like wonder and playfulness that draws people in, not to mention a sweet and honest demeanor.
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