Ivana B Skinny cocktails hit store shelves

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A new line of 100-calorie cocktails has hit store shelves.

International Spirits said its Ivana B Skinny cocktails are wine-based cocktails that are available in margarita, cosmopolitan and appletini flavors. Each cocktail features 10% alcohol and less than 100 calories per 5-oz. serving.

"We did a lot of experimenting with alcohol-based versus wine-based drinks and found that wine makes the drinks sweeter, more flavorful and keeps the calories lower," International Spirits CEO Tony Elward said. "Taste was our highest priority – we didn't stop until our taste testers told us it was the best low-calorie cocktail out there."

Ivana B Skinny cocktails currently are available in 17 states (wherever wine and beer products are sold) with expanded distribution planned for mid 2012.

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