Itonis Pharmaceuticals gearing up for summertime launch of anti-nausea homeopathic remedy

AGUNA HILLS, Calif. — Itonis Pharmaceuticals on Thursday unveiled the company's initial marketing plans for an over-the-counter homeopathic product that helps relieve nausea.

"Many millions of Americans will travel this year and approximately 33% of the population is susceptible to motion sickness, even in mild circumstances," noted Charles Hensley, Itonis president and known for inventing the Zicam cold remedy. "The specter of becoming nauseous on a trip continues to be a big issue for leisure travelers. Our initial marketing objective is to introduce our anti-nausea products to the traveling population by partnering with airlines, cruise ship lines, hotels and internet travel sights as well as other professionals in the travel industry."

Itonis is on target to begin full production of its anti-nausea spray with product sales set to begin by summer 2013.

“We are very excited that our new anti-nausea product will reach consumers just in time for summer vacation travels," Hensley said. "It is always a proud moment when a product cycle matures from the design phase and advances to the point of actual consumer use."

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