ISPC to DoD: Reject exclusive networks in TPharm

NEW YORK — A group representing specialty pharmacies is calling on the Department of Defense to not use exclusive networks in the Tricare pharmacy program.

The Independent Specialty Pharmacy Coalition said exclusive arrangements for the program, also known as TPharm, were anti-competitive and harmful to patients who rely on specialty care by reducing patient choice and disrupting the continuum of care for them, and that reductions in pharmaceutical costs would not necessarily reduce overall healthcare spending.

“We hope that the DoD will keep in mind the best interests of the ultimate consumers here,” ISPC executive director Russell Gay said. “Narrow specialty pharmacy networks should be rejected because … exclusivity arrangements diminish the quality of patient care.”

Gay also criticized specialty operations owned by pharmacy benefit managers, saying the ownerships created conflicts of interest. “PBMs who own specialty pharmacy services have an incentive to drive business to their own operations, and, ultimately, everyone pays more when these conflicts exist,” Gay said.

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