IRI shares best practices for Rx-to-OTC switch

CHICAGO and ORLANDO, Fla. — Prescription and over-the-counter products are often the first remedy consumers turn to when seeking relief from such conditions as allergies and heartburn, according to IRI. In its latest report, "Best Practices for Rx-to-OTC Product Launches," the company offers some tactics to help drive success for companies looking to execute the category switch.

“When studying Rx-to-OTC switches, we found that order of entry is one factor, but it is not necessarily the driving factor for success,” said Robert Sanders, EVP and healthcare practice leader at IRI. “More specifically, the concept of an unmet consumer need continues to trump many of the other variables.”

The report takes a closer look at previous Rx-to-OTC product launches and gathers best practices to adhere to, as well as some missteps to avoid.

“We know that a new wave of Rx-to-OTC products will drive OTC growth in the long term,” Sanders said. “Lessons learned from previous case studies will help maximize success for future brands as they move into this space.”

To download the free report, click here.


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