IRi: 1-in-5 people always looking for new products

CHICAGO — Americans may have been on a roller coaster ride with the U.S. economy over the past few years, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to try new products, noted IRi in its recently released 2012 IRi New Product Pacesetters report.

According to IRi’s 2012 new products survey, 20% of consumers are “always” looking for new products to try. And consumer packaged goods companies are doing their best to oblige. In 2011-2012, nearly 1,900 new CPG brands hit retail shelves across U.S. multi-outlets. IRi New Product Pacesetters averaged $39.5 million in annualized sales, reaching a combined $7.9 billion in year-one total sales. A total of 40 brands captured more than $50 million in sales during their first year, and 11 brands soared past $100 million.

Some key highlights: 15 new pet care banners achieved IRi New Product Pacesetter status in 2012; anti-aging remains a big focus in personal care, with skin care brands like Garnier Skin Renew BB Cream and RoC Multi Correxion; the year’s most successful healthcare launches tell a story of proactive health care and the power of nature and new technologies, such as Centrum ProNutrients and Vicks Nature Fusion, formulated with real honey in place of artificial flavors and dyes.

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- 7:43 PM says

When are you going to review the $ 773.8 million Dollar Sales First Aid Ointment/Antiseptic Category in detail. I understand food and consumables generate big $$$$$. However, the First Aid Category growth is being overlooked. Neosporin is # 1 is sales and Hibiclens is ranked # 4 according to IRI data (ending 12/30/13) posted in the April issue of MMR. Walgreens sells almost 400,000 bottles of Hibiclens a year which generates approximately $ 4.5 million in dollar sales from 2.5 inches of shelf space. Before you can apply Neosporin you must effectively cleanse the wound. Why has Hibiclens increased in sales double-digits for the past four years? Flu, MRSA, infections, and home healthcare. Why does the major grocery outlets continue to sell Hibiclens from their pharmacies instead of merchandising Hibiclens in the First Aid/Wound Care section like the major drug chanins and mass merchandisers. What about the Store Brand opportunities for an Antispetic Skin Cleanser that aren't being reviewed? Hal Burke Xttrium Laboratories

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