Internet pharmacies make false claims regarding certification

SOUTH FLORIDA Federal regulators are receiving complaints from the Better Business Bureau and other professional groups after discovering that some Internet pharmacies are falsely claiming to be certified by their organizations, according to South Florida’s Sun-Sentinel.

The pharmacies are stating that they are located in Canada and are therefore offering cheaper prices on drugs to its customers, many of whom are Florida’s elderly. Customers started complaining after they wither did not receive their medications or they got drugs that appeared questionable.

One of the companies that the Internet pharmacies claim to be certified by is Over the last 18 months, PharmacyChecker has received about 100 complaints from customers who thought they certified the websites.

The Internet pharmacies are using fake logos and phone numbers to make them appear certified and legitimate to customers. The Canadian International Pharmacy Association, which has 25 member pharmacies that are government-licensed, has also been receiving several calls a week from American consumers about not receiving shipments from sites they thought were CIPA-approved.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has started a special investigation of Internet pharmacy practices, including the trademark violations and other issues.

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