Interacting with endcaps

Walgreens has implemented a new attention-grabbing way to merchandise its endcaps: a touch-screen monitor that sets the store apart from traditional retail pharmacy experiences. As part of its Chicago flagship, two endcaps across from the pharmacy feature interactive touch screens. One features information on smoking cessation, the other on heart health. 

The interactive initiative also directs in-store patients to the retail pharmacy’s trademarked “Answers at Walgreens” feature on Facebook, boosting its potential touch points with customers through its expanding social media platform. That application was launched a year ago in partnership with Sharecare, an expert question-and-answer online platform addressing health topics.


- 1:08 PM
gman413 says

Attractive unit, intelligent content, engaging media - great idea all the way around!!

- 2:22 AM
tumadman says

An excellent way to grab attention is to go underneath the radar with sneaky strategies to pull attention without bringing attention to yourself. It is sort of difficult to do but a lot of stores manage to do it with advertising and clever product placement.

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