Integration of PharmaSmart technology improves pharmacist-patient counseling at Astrup Drug, companies say

Astrup integrates PharmaSmart technology into pharmacy software system

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Health kiosk maker PharmaSmart International and a drug chain that operates stores in Minnesota and Iowa have integrated PharmaSmart's technology into the chain's software system.

PharmaSmart and Astrup Drug said Friday that the integration of PharmaSmart's interoperable biometric screening technology with Astrup's Rx30 system allows timely patient interventions, counseling sessions and increases medication therapy management case recruitment for patients with hypertension, ultimately improving outcomes.

"With chronic diseases, such as hypertension, drug therapy is complex, and medication adherence is a major challenge," Astrup COO Tim Gallagher said. "This creates a costly care gap that the pharmacists can help address, if they have the right tools."

Astrup pharmacists see color-coded icons within the patient health record to alert them to the patient's specific biometric screening status. Icon status is based on average readings, and in the most severe cases, flashing red icons trigger immediate interventions. Ultimately, it initiates a referral to the pharmacist for followup care with the patient when indicated, and pharmacists can access an advanced clinical portal to view the patient's biometric history.

"This investment helps our pharmacists obtain a higher quality cognitive assessment, which supports the objectives of the patient, the physician and the health plan," Gallagher said. "Unlike traditional health screening kiosks or promotions, PharmaSmart creates a real-time, permanent 'bridge' between the health kiosk and our pharmacist."

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