Integrated Beverage Group adds new pop to bottled beverages with powdered vitamin-filled caps

Atlanta Integrated Beverage Group on Tuesday introduced its latest innovation at the ECRM Vitamin, Diet & Sports Nutrition conference — the Zapp Cap Energy Release Cap, a cap containing a powdered dietary supplement that fits onto the top of any half-liter bottle of water. The cap delivery system gives consumers control over the freshness of their beverage, the company stated, and might be a little fun to boot. Consumers “activate” their energy drink by pushing on the top of the cap, which punches the powder into the beverage.

The initial launch includes two formulations, both with 35 mg of caffeine. The first is an energy supplement that also contains several vitamins, including vitamins C, E and B in a goji berry flavor. The second is energy and weight control formulation that in addition to the vitamins contains Super Citrimax and ChromMate, two ingredients that help curb appetite, in an acai berry flavor.

Both formulations are sugar free, contain no net carbs and only add four calories to the consumers bottled water of choice. Integrated Beverage has both a counter display and clip strip program to display the new product. Suggested retail price is $2.49.

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