Insight Pharmaceuticals launches new suite of products: Monistat Complete Care

TREVOSE, Pa. — Insight Pharamceuticals on Wednesday announced the launch of a new suite of products — Monistat Complete Care — that offers women solutions to maintain their vaginal health. The new product portfolio includes the Vaginal Health Test, a one-step test that can determine if an infection is present; Probiotics plus Antioxidants, which contains the only probiotic strains that are clinically proven to help maintain both urinary tract and vaginal health; and Stay Fresh Feminine Freshness Gel, an easy-to-use, odor-neutralizing gel that lasts for up to three days. 
These new products join the popular Chafing Relief Powder Gel and Instant Itch Relief Cream that are now under the Complete Care banner.
"While Monistat has been synonymous with yeast infection treatment for years, there is so much more to vaginal health that women both want and need to know about," said Jennifer Moyer, VP marketing for Insight Pharmaceuticals. "Our new Complete Care products give women the tools they need to be in greater control of their health in the comfort and privacy of their own home."
Though yeast infections are common in women and can be treated with an over-the-counter product like Monistat, many women suffer from other vaginal infections that may require attention from a physician. With the new Monistat Complete Care Vaginal Health Test, women can now determine if their infection is consistent with that of a yeast infection or if they should seek care from a healthcare professional. The simple swab, which is the same accurate test used by doctors, changes color in seconds to indicate signs of abnormal vaginal pH, which can indicate an infection. 
"Even in today's culture of oversharing, many women find it difficult to ask their doctors questions about their vaginal health," said Yvonne Bohn, OB/GYN and author. "Being informed about your own health is the most powerful tool you can have in making sure you receive the care you need. Putting a screening test in women's hands that uses the same technology doctors use is an empowering advancement for women and their vaginal health."
Moyer noted that many women have concerns over non-infection related vaginal issues. "Vaginal infections of any kind can make women feel uncomfortable, but research has shown that feminine odor is a huge source of insecurity," she said. "That's why we've introduced a new product that is unlike any other — a feminine freshness gel that doesn't just mask, but actually neutralizes odor."
The Monistat Complete Care Stay Fresh Feminine Freshness Gel helps to eliminate feminine odor with a paraben-free, easy-to-use formula. As the only OTC product specifically designed to match healthy vaginal pH levels and relieve feminine odor, one application delivers results that last for up to three days. Additionally, the gel stays in place so it's not messy for women to use. 
Also included in the new suite of products is Monistat Complete Care Probiotics plus Antioxidants, a proactive approach to vaginal health. The oral capsule, taken daily, contains the only probiotic strains clinically proven to help maintain both urinary and vaginal health. Paired with antioxidants (Vitamin A and Vitamin C) to support the immune system, the capsule contains lactobacillus reuteri and lactobacillus rhamnosus, which have shown to be effective in managing recurring urinary tract infections and recurring yeast infections.
"With most other probiotics, it is not clear how much benefit actually reaches the vaginal canal," Bohn said. "With the probiotics in Complete Care Probiotics Plus Antioxidants, studies were done which showed that the probiotics reached the vaginal canal and helped maintain the normal vaginal balance."
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