Innovative Brolly helps create authentic Black and Tan at home

St. Louis Staying true to its English roots, Bass Pale Ale introduces this month its own version of the umbrella -- or brolly, as the British call it —that won't block the rain, but will help adult beer drinkers create perfect, authentic Black & Tans at home parties and get-togethers this St. Patrick's Day.

The authentic Black & Tan has been made with Bass Pale Ale and Guinness stout since the 1800s. For nearly as long, adults have attempted to pour their Bass Black & Tan by placing a bar spoon over the lip of their pint glass, which often results in a caramel color rather than the authentic Black & Tan.

The Bass Brolly sits atop the pint glass and allows the stout beer to flow through slowly, resulting in the desired layered effect.

The Brolly's magic comes from a series of small holes that help prevent the stout beer from mixing with the Bass Pale Ale. To use the brolly, pour the Bass Pale Ale down the center of the glass to create an ample amount of foam, filling it about two-thirds full, place the Brolly on the lip of the glass. and slowly pour the stout through the Brolly, being careful not to let the two layers mix. Adults 21 and older will receive a Brolly free of charge with the purchase of Bass (where legal).

Bass Pale Ale is a full-flavored ale that is still brewed to according to its original recipe. English malts, aromatic hops, and water rich in essential salts and minerals combine to give Bass its slight burnt roast aroma and high-quality, full-bodied flavor. Available in bars, restaurants and grocery stores nationwide, Bass Pale Ale is 5.1 percent alcohol by volume.

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