Innovation debuts PharmASSIST Dispenser Model 4

New model's self-calibration technology important for branded-generic switches, company says

JOHNSON CITY, N.Y. — Pharmacy automation products manufacturer Innovation has started rolling out the latest model of its medication dispensing system, the company said Thursday.

Innovation announced the rollout, to its main customer base and the pharmacy industry at large, of the PharmASSIST Dispenser Model 4, calling it the first in the industry to self-calibrate the counting of new medications at a pharmacy. The calibration is based on patented Falcon Detection technology that enables the dispense to count all types of tablet and capsule medication with the highest possible accuracy, Innovation said, and the Model 4 is made with electrostatically charged plastic that repels dust that naturally occurs when handling pills.

"As we established Model 4 development goals, we know how important the concept of self-calibration of medications was to our customers and the industry," Innovation CEO Mary Reno said. "Self-calibration is a huge timesaver for pharmacies, enabling their staff to start counting new medications immediately instead of having to make technical adjustments or wait for a new cell to arrive. This is particularly relevant when a branded drug goes generic."


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