Inko's new white tea drinks cater to schools

NEW YORK Inko's line of ready-to-drink white teas has expanded to include two new flavors.

Poppin Punch and Bumpin' Berry teas are an alternative to sugary beverages. Part of Inko’s line of 12-oz. can products, which were created especially for the school market, these teas are three calories less than the company’s award-winning line of low-calorie bottled white teas, which are sold nationwide. In addition, totally new graphic art, including a new logo, was created to appeal to a younger market. The beverages have been approved for distribution New York City schools.

"Since coming to market in 2002, our mission statement has been and always will be to bring the unique taste and healthy benefits of white tea to those who don't want themselves and/or their children drinking sugar-laden beverages," said Andrew Schamisso, founder and president of Inko’s. "Outside of water, we’re fortunate to be one of the few all-natural alternatives for the school market."

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