InhalerWear introduces pediatric asthma compliance tool

BOSTON — InhalerWear on Tuesday announced its launch of a neoprene cover for inhalers that will help make carrying around an inhaler “trendy and cool” to children and teenagers. The new inhaler can be clipped to a backpack, purse or belt loop.

"We started InhalerWear because we knew the challenge facing parents was not in getting their kids to use their inhaler, but to get them to carry their inhalers with them at all times,” stated co-founder Rob Fiore.

"This product is a one-of-a-kind, must-have item for those who carry a rescue inhaler,” added Kimberly Mastrullo, InhalerWear director of operations. “There's nothing in the marketplace today like our patented neoprene inhaler cover.”

InhalerWear holds the exclusive patent to the inhaler covers and offers them for purchase at for $7.99. Nearly 10% of all children suffering from asthma, InhalerWear noted, and children and teenagers present a unique problem given their age and the issue of needing to fit in during adolescence. Many children forget, lose or just don't comply with their parents to keep their inhalers with them during afterschool activities or other times when their parents aren't present to carry the inhalers for them.

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