Independents moving toward more upscale front ends in response to Walgreens, Rite Aid

DETROIT — Materially expanding the business of pharmacy — it's not just a job for the big chains. The Detroit News on Tuesday published a story regarding the new wellness formats being showcased by both Walgreens and Rite Aid, respectively, and included some perspective from a local operator. 

These wellness formats feature a more interactive pharmacist and proactive health consultations, something that had traditionally served as a point of difference between national chains, regionals and independents. 

So now independents are responding with a more upscale positioning across its front end to match the moves by the national chains. “It’s becoming the future-store template,” Rita Sayegh, retail director for Mills Pharmacy and Apothecary in Birmingham, told the News. “We’ve incorporated a kind of gourmet convenience store as well, where you can stop in, get some everyday staples and try a new wine, organic or imported foods, as well as gorgeous, gift-worthy items.” 





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