Improved Bounty brings value to customers

CINCINNATI Procter & Gamble announced that their paper towel brand is improved with 25% thicker quilts and a more cloth-like durability than before.

"There is a mistaken belief that all paper towels are the same and it does not matter what you use," said Eric Higgs, Bounty brand manager. "Bounty is focused on providing consumers with a superior performing paper towel so they can do more with less, versus bargain brand towels."

Bounty is twice as absorbent as the bargain brands' towels, the company said.

Bounty has teamed up with Ellie Kay, financial advisor and author of Living Rich for Less, to help consumers make smarter decisions in the supermarket that will benefit their bank accounts without sacrificing quality at home.

"Given the state of the economy, consumers are looking for value items and ways to do more with less," Kay said. "Bounty's strength and absorbency make it that indispensable household helper as well as a great value."

Along with the upgrade, Bounty will be launching a new marketing campaign titled, "Bring It." The new campaign will highlight the messes and spills that are no match for the new Bounty's thicker, more durable sheets.

The new Bounty paper towels are available nationwide. For more information on the new Bounty as well as other Bounty products, please visit

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