Impax enrolls patients into late-stage trial for Parkinson's treatment

HAYWARD, Calif. — The branded drugs division of Impax Labs has finished enrolling patients in a late-stage trial of a drug for Parkinson’s disease.

Impax Pharmaceuticals said Tuesday that it had enrolled patients in ASCEND-PD, a phase-3 trial of IPX066 that will compare the drug with carbidopa-levodopa and entacapone in patients with advanced Parkinson’s. IPX066 is an extended-release formulation of carbidopa-levodopa in capsule form.

“We are extremely pleased to have completed enrollment in ASCEND-PD, which is the third phase-3 trial of IPX066 in [Parkinson’s disease] subjects,” Impax Pharmaceuticals chief scientific officer Suneel Gupta said. “The study compares IPX066 to another commonly used medication in advanced PD and is intended to provide further safety and efficacy data on IPX066.”

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