iGPS announces agreement with Ken's Foods

ORLANDO, Fla. — Ken's Foods will utilize all-plastic pallets with embedded radio frequency identification tags developed by Intelligent Global Pooling Systems, iGPS announced.

Ken's Foods, which produces and packages more than 400 varieties of dressings and sauces, said iGPS' solution aids the company in its sustainability efforts.

"Our decision to switch to iGPS was based on our desire to upgrade the quality of pallet carrying our products and to utilize a more environmentally sustainable solution than wood," said Bob Merchant, Ken's Foods COO. "iGPS' solution fulfills both our objectives, and we know that our retail partners will appreciate this value enhancement to our supply chain."

The iGPS 100% recyclable pallets are 30% lighter than pallets made of wood. Unlike wood pallets, iGPS pallets do not absorb fluids that can cross-contaminate food, and because they cannot harbor wood-boring insects, iGPS pallets never require treatment with toxic pesticides, the company said. Additionally, the pallets feature embedded radio-frequency identification tags, so shippers and receivers can track shipments throughout the supply chain.

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