Identigene introduces STD test kit

SALT LAKE CITY Identigene on Thursday officially unveiled its Identigene STD test kit, which currently is available over the counter at Rite Aid.

Purchasers of the Identigene STD test kit can receive a highly accurate test result for chlamydia and gonorrhea, two of the more popular sexually transmitted diseases, within two to three business days of receipt of a urine specimen by the Identigene laboratory.

“As costs and wait times for health care continue to rise, people are increasingly looking to home diagnostics,” stated Steve Smith, executive director of Identigene. “The Identigene STD test kit is a confidential, convenient and cost-effective way for people to protect their privacy and help ensure their own sexual health, as well as that of their partners.”

Often, infected people don’t know they have contracted an STD that can harm them and others. “Symptoms may not be noticeable until the disease progresses and potentially causes more serious health concerns,” said Identigene’s medical director, Michael Rhode. “Early and regular STD testing can greatly reduce these risks and enable earlier, more effective treatment.”


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends yearly testing for people who are sexually active, especially for pregnant women. Individuals who test positive using the Identigene STD test kit should consult with their doctor or may ask an Identigene consultant to help them find local medical treatment.



The CDC estimated that more than 1 million Americans ages 14 years to 39 years are infected with an STD each year. Untreated complications from chlamydia and gonorrhea can be severe and may include infertility or sterility. Women may get pelvic inflammatory disease and are five times more likely to contract HIV/AIDS if infected by chlamydia.



The Identigene STD kit retails for a suggested price of $19.99; the laboratory processing fee is $99.


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