IdeaVillage showcases Slim Shots

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WAYNE, N.J. IdeaVillage Products Corp. showcased its Slim Shots weight loss supplement, which debuted in March 2008. According to the company, Slim Shots ranked No. 3 in weight management aids through the drug channel, behind diet pill brands Alli and Hydroxycut, as of this fall.

The dietary supplement makes caloric intake and portion control manageable through a patented European emulsion that helps users eat up to 30% less food, as evidenced in four published clinical trials.

With less saturated fat than milk fat from ordinary dairy products and zero trans fats, a single dose of Slim Shots represents between 3% and 4% of the recommended daily fat intake for adults, the company stated.

Flavored with vanilla, Slim Shots can be taken straight like a shot or by adding it to breakfast cereal, coffee or yogurt.

Available at retailers nationwide, Slim Shots comes in a 14-, 21- or 30-count supply and retails from $19.99 for the 14-count box to $39.95 for the 30-count box.

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