IDC develops new packaging for Sunkist liquid protein

NEW YORK Sunkist has unveiled its newest way to deliver its liquid shots of protein.

Through a partnership with the International Dispensing Corp., the one-gallon, Multiserve SafePak stand-up pouch delivers protein shots without need for refrigeration and features the Answer, IDC’s patented, proprietary dispensing technology.


“The Sunkist pouch is a really cool, interactive package that consumers should enjoy,” said Greg Abbott, founder and chairman of IDC. “It is a bulk package, but it is also mobile. Each time you consume the product, you can roll up the pouch a bit more so that it becomes smaller with use. You can safely store it anywhere -- in your car, office, backpack, fridge -- without concern. At the end, you can squeeze out every last drop, eliminating waste, and when you finally dispose of the pouch you know you are burdening the environment with considerably less packaging material for the same amount of liquid.”


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