Iconic brands stage a comeback

There are a number of growth drivers across the digestives space, starting with the biggest proton-pump inhibitor to make its way from behind the pharmacy bench to over-the-counter aisles since the original “Purple Pill” was switched in 2003. Once Procter & Gamble switched Prilosec OTC, it became one of the best-selling nonprescription medicines out of all categories. And now that Pfizer is bringing to OTC the $6 billion in prescription business tied to what is now known as the “Purple Pill,” Nexium, there’s no reason to think the latest PPI may soon stake its claim as one of the largest OTC brands.

(For the complete category review, including data, click here.)

But there are other iconic digestive brands making a resurgence in the space. Bayer has boosted sales of Alka Seltzer to $16 million, up 580.5%, with the introduction of Alka Seltzer Fruit Chews. Similarly, the company has increased sales of its Phillips Fiber Good brand with the introduction of a gummy line with sales of $6.3 million, up 2,603.1%.

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