Hyland’s teething tablets recalled

LOS ANGELES Standard Homeopathic Co., which manufactures homeopathic products under the Hyland’s brand in mass retail, on Saturday recalled its Hyland’s teething tablets “in an abundance of caution due to an FDA investigation of its manufacturing facility,” the company stated.

Adverse events have been reported, but the Food and Drug Administration has said that a conclusive link has not been determined. The company, in working with the FDA, has identified manufacturing processes of teething tablets that can be improved to ensure uniformity in dosage. As a homeopathic product, Hyland’s teething tablets have a wide margin of safety that protects consumers from harm.

“We initiated this voluntary recall to ensure our consumers know that their families’ safety and health are our top priorities,” stated Mark Phillips, president and chief pharmacist of Standard Homeopathic Co. “We are committed to maintaining and deserving the trust they have placed in Hyland’s. We have worked for 107 years to build relationships with our consumers. We intend to preserve that tradition of trust.”


After in-depth analysis, a comprehensive review of the company’s adverse event report log and more than 85 years of safe usage, the company is confident that Hyland’s teething tablets are safe for infants and toddlers. Hyland’s teething tablets are manufactured in the United States and are distributed throughout North America.



In addition to the product recall, Standard Homeopathic Co. is refining its production, packaging and testing protocols. Throughout the process, Standard Homeopathic Co. will continue to closely monitor and evaluate the situation and consult with the FDA.


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