Hygeia announces giveaway of EnJoye breast pumps

VISTA, Calif. — Hygeia, maker of EnJoye eco-friendly breast pumps, on Monday announced the launch of its Hygeia EnJoye breast-pump giveaway.

Three winners will receive a free Hygeia EnJoye LBI deluxe tote set that includes the Hygeia professional-grade electric/battery double pump along with a stylish tote. The EnJoye pump is designed for the long-term and frequent pumping needs of working mothers. Each set is worth $319.99.

“This sweepstakes will get moms pumped about pumping and give a handful of new moms tools that serve to support their long-term breast-feeding goals,” stated Richard Weston, Hygeia CEO.

Hygeia also will give away a myriad of other breast-feeding prizes, including 10 Hygeia expression cups ($14.95 each), two 60-count large nursing pads ($9.99 each) and two 60-count medium nursing pads ($9.99).

The sweepstakes runs through April 28. No purchase is necessary. Entries are accepted on the sweepstakes entry page of Hygeia's Facebook fan page.

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