Hydration a selling point in facial skin care

Products that claim to hydrate spark some high levels of interest for consumers, so it comes as little surprise that sales of facial moisturizers are on the rise. According to data provided by IRI, sales of facial moisturizers rose nearly 3% to more than $404 million during the 52 weeks ended April 21 at total U.S. multi-outlets.

"Products that claim to hydrate and contain antioxidants generate the highest levels of interest among consumers. This is consistent with the top skin concerns in regards to aging, which include dry skin, and emphasizes the importance of moisturizing anti-aging skin care products," stated Mintel Group in its 2013 U.S. anti-aging skin care report.

When Mintel asked respondents to rank their top skin concerns with regard to aging, 44% ranked dry skin as being their biggest concern. "While dry skin often becomes more of an issue as consumers age, general skin care products are usually able to address this issue effectively," Mintel stated.

"Manufacturers may want to consider high-lighting how skin might need different types of hydration as it ages (i.e., perhaps less oily, quicker absorption, etc.). Manufacturers may also want to emphasize other issues that may be associated with dry skin and worsen with age, such as flaky or chapped skin, redness and uneven skin tone," Mintel added.

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