How consumers choose a primary pharmacy

Given all the attention around the hotly contested Express Scripts-Medco merger, we thought we’d ask our C2B consumer reporters, if all things were equal and every pharmacy accepted their insurance, what would be the most important factors in choosing a pharmacy? Ninety-four percent said location/convenience, followed by customer service (50%). That's just a taste of what they told us.

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- 2:12 AM
Nicolas says

In fact, the pharmacy that you choose should have a good sized inventory. Smaller inventory pharmacies often have now run out of drugs and this causes the patient to have to wait a day or two to get a prescription while they order it. Or you will have to go to another pharmacy that has your prescribed drug in stock. Actually, no pharmacy can guarantee that they will have your prescribed drug 100% of the time, but if they have a large inventory, the odds are pretty good that they will have it in stock.

- 8:48 AM

A good primary-care doctor someone to coordinate your health care, help choose your specialists, and be the first to diagnose just about any problem is the key to good medical treatment.

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