Hot Pharmacy and Technology products at NACDS Total Store Expo 2014

ScriptPro telepharmacy

ScriptPro calls its enhanced telepharmacy system “a fully integrated extension of ScriptPro’s industry-leading robotics and … central workflow systems for pharmacies.”

“The system combines real-time workflow, prescription dispensing and electronic tracking controls with video, audio and desktop connections to pharmacies in remote locations,” the company noted. The pharmacist and the technician at the remote location where the patient has brought his or her prescription “both view and operate the same screen, so the pharmacist has visibility into and control over the entire dispensing process,” according to the company.


Kirby Lester KL1Plus

Kirby Lester is showcasing its new KL1Plus prescription-dispensing device at NACDS Total Store Expo and other events this summer and fall. Among the features that set the KL1Plus apart is its ability to perform a trackable double-count for any prescription coming out of a vial-filling robot. The dual-counting capability, along with automatic storage of an archived record of the second count for up to 10 years, is especially useful for any retail or outpatient pharmacy that dispenses controlled medications or expensive medications through any robot, the company noted. “The KL1Plus’ trackable double count is a pharmacy’s safety net against counting errors,” said Kirby Lester VP sales Dave Johnson.


Innovation PharmASSIST Dispenser Model 4

An intelligent medication dispenser — that’s how Innovation bills its PharmASSIST Dispenser Model 4, a fully independent smart device that simultaneously stores, counts and dispenses tablets and capsules. The Model 4 is “the first medication dispensing technology … that has the capability to self-calibrate the counting of new medications,” Innovation reported. It’s designed to operate within the company’s cabinet-based, robotic and high-volume dispensing systems, and to integrate with the PharmASSIST Symphony database and its Pharmacy Intelligence analytical tools.


CarePredict Tempo

Adult children in the sandwich generation can keep track of their aging parents’ health minute-to-minute with a new, wearable device from CarePredict. The product, called Tempo, is a wrist-worn sensor for elderly parents that records daily living activities and location within the home, and uses machine learning to recognize normal patterns of living. The system alerts family and caregivers by text, e-mail or mobile apps, when there are meaningful changes in the pattern. Working through room beacons and a home communications hub, “Tempo senses patterns of daily living from waking up, bathing, sleeping, quality and amount of sleep, to brushing teeth, eating, drinking and cooking,” CarePredict CEO Salish Movva said.


QS/1 Motion SlateMate

Joining hardware and software technologies, health automation provider QS/1 and Motion Computing have won another beachhead in pharmacy’s mobile technology campaign with the launch of the Motion SlateMate tablet, featuring QS/1’s pharmacy management systems and point-of-sale platforms. The SlateMate tablet PC features an integrated magnetic strip reader and a bar-code scanner, so pharmacy staff can check out customers, process credit cards, capture signatures and print receipts on a wireless printer. “The SlateMate lets you take QS/1’s products around your store and at the drive-through window with full functionality,” said market analyst Charles Garner. “Being a PC, the SlateMate can … [provide] full access to such applications as QS/1’s NRx and point-of-sale [systems].”

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