Hostess adds three new varieties to its 100 Calorie Pack line

KANSAS CITY, Mo. In the new year, the new wave of dieting has actually become not dieting at all. In fact, rather than swearing off all “good-tasting” fatty foods, there is a way to simply limit how much you intake, and Hostess is happy to do it for you.

Hostess, which gained consumer success with the launch of its 100 Calorie Pack cupcakes, is now adding three new flavors to its 100 Calorie Pack Muffins and Coffee Cakes line. The diverse flavors of the 100 Calorie Pack craze include Blueberry muffins, Banana muffins and Cinnamon Coffee Cake—all three with streusel topping. These three flavors are now available nationwide, just in time for helping out those who have made diet a priority in their New Years resolutions.

The idea for adding more variety to its 100 Calorie Pack line was in response to the success to the three varieties of the Hostess 100 Calorie Pack Cupcakes. “Smart snacking and portion control are trends that are here to stay, and hostess is quickly becoming a leader in this growing and important category,” stated David Leavitt, vice president of Snack Marketing at Interstate Bakeries Corp. “Given the incredible response to our Hostess 100 Calorie Pack Cupcakes launch last year, we are excited to extend our popular line of smart snacking products to include muffins and coffee cakes.”

The advertising campaign is under way, with the slogan of “3 cakes, 100 calories, Real Satisfaction,” as well as national print advertisements of the cakes in leading women’s magazines including People, O, The Oprah Magazine, Ladies Home Journal and Redbook.

With the popularity of the 100 Calorie Pack Cupcakes, Hostess seems to be listening to consumers’ response and giving them what they want. Kevin Kaul, marketing director for Hostess stated, “It may be the moist cake, creamy filling or the delicious icing; whatever it is, people love Hostess 100 Calorie Packs.”

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