Hope Paige Medical launches TextID medical jewelry

WEST CONSHOHOCKEN, Pa. — Hope Paige Medical has introduced a new line of short message, service-enabled medical jewelry that is designed to quickly provide patients' medical information via text message.

TextID uses SMS technology to relay life-saving information about a patient, Hope Paige Medical said. How it works: emergency medical personnel will be able to access a patient's self-created emergency profile — which can be created online for $12 for the first year of membership (and $10 each year thereafter) — which provides detailed medical information, such as current medications, emergency contacts, etc., which can be accessed by text messaging their unique personal identification number, which is engraved on each patients' customized medical ID jewelry, to 5-10-20.

Users of TextID medical jewelry can create their personal medical profile in minutes, which can include up to 10 emergency contacts, and can be updated at any time from any computer or smartphone at no additional charge, the company said.

TextID is powered by ICEdot, an emergency identification and notification service that enables people to store their medical and personal information in a secure online account.

"We are honored to be partnering with ICEdot to provide life-saving information to people that need it," Hope Paige Medical president Shelly Fisher said. "An individual’s information will be conveniently delivered in a text message to any cell phone. TextID is available on all major mobile phone networks. It’s perfect for anyone with a medical condition, people engaged in active lifestyles, children or elderly who wander, and those unable to effectively communicate. And because TextID makes it easy to notify emergency contacts as well as access medical information, it provides peace of mind to anyone seeking to protect their loved ones, whether or not they have a medical condition."

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